Company SAPWOOD are concentrated on the German and UK market, where the company supplier┬┤s supermarkets and wholesale. High quality requirements of our European clients focused our team on quality issues.

SAPWOOD exclusive distributor for organic beverage and food in Germany and UK. Our business partner has been a national producer of juice and preserved fruits in the market for 11 years in East Central Europa. The company is a participant and winner of a number of competitions, in particular the last award they won was "Golden medal for consistent high quality and organic products" at the 22nd International Agro-industrial Exhibition Agro 2010, which is recognized to be the biggest and most prestigious national event.
Our main product Birch sap, we do also range of 50 items of organic pure high quality products made from Birch sap. This product is unique and is patented. It is made from Birch sap, which has no carbohydrates but possesses a number of healthful and medical advantages to other kinds of juice. Birch sap has been for centuries prominent for its curative, refreshing drink being a storage place of healing substances, micro elements, vitamins, proteins, acids, aromatic and taning agents. It is truly wonder drink. Our company has a superior system of quality control and food safety in line with the international standard FSSC 22000, DQS-Frankfurt, Germany (ISO 22000 plus PAS220, BIO 834/2007-council regulation EC). We commit ourselves to source the best for our customers using top-quality organic growers. To provide safety of our products, we cooperate with producers, who are Organic Standard certified – IOAS.

Birch Tree Juice is not birch elixir made out of leaves such as used by others company┬┤sin its products. It is traditional birch tree juice from the trees whereby this juice is produced only for a few weeks by the trees every year in spring, pumping an incredible amount of life-giving juice.

SAPWOOD – Your distributor of organic beverages and foods.